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Frequently Asked Questions

How can I get in contact with Inhale Vitamins?

If you have any questions, want to provide feedback or just want to say “hello”, contact us at [email protected]

Disposable inhalers:

  1. Open the package.
  2. Remove the silicone tips.
  3. Inhale from the end with two air holes.
  4. No buttons or additional steps are needed.
  5. We recommend taking 5-10 puffs per day.
  6. Each inhaler contains 1mg of vitamin B12 (methylcobalamin), equivalent to a B12 injection.
  7. Recycle it when it’s empty.

30ml liquids:

  1. Remove the lid.
  2. Consult your refillable device’s manual for instructions.
  3. Each 30ml liquid contains 30mg of Vitamin B12, making it 25 times larger than the disposable inhalers.

You’ll know the inhaler is empty when you can no longer inhale any of the vitamin formula.

Superior absorption: Studies have shown that inhalation of Vitamin B12 results in significantly higher B12 levels in the body compared to oral intake, making it a more absorbent option.

Safety: Decades of research have demonstrated the safety and effectiveness of inhaling B12. No evidence of toxicity or irritation has been found, and it is considered a safe and economical therapy. We recommend reading the primary academic literature on our science page.

Vitamin B12 importance: Vitamin B12 is crucial for maintaining healthy nerve and blood cells, DNA synthesis, and preventing megaloblastic anemia, which causes fatigue and weakness. Meeting the recommended B12 intake is especially important for vegans and individuals with certain conditions such as pernicious anemia.

There is no established upper limit for vitamin B12 intake, and even at high doses, it appears to be fairly safe.

Product longevity:

  • Each inhaler is designed to last 3-4 weeks with daily use, providing approximately 800 breaths.
  • The 30ml liquid bottles, being 15 times larger than inhalers, can last well over 6 months.

Energy boost:

Low B12 levels are associated with fatigue, and supplementing with B12 can provide an energy boost. However, the impact on those with normal B12 levels is less clear, and individual responses may vary.

Individuals with sensitivities to any listed ingredients, cobalt, nickel, or vaporising in general should avoid using inhaled vitamins. Consult a doctor for health-related questions.

Our inhalers do not contain Vitamin E or Vitamin E Acetate.

Inhale Vitamins offer a unique and potentially more effective way to supplement B12 compared to traditional pills, patches, or sublinguals due to the increased absorption through inhalation.

The information provided in this FAQ is not a substitute for medical advice. Please consult your doctor before using Inhale Vitamins products, especially if you have any underlying health conditions.


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